Dimitri Reeves has literally stopped traffic while performing at intersections. He is a DANCER, A SINGER, a recording artist and overall true performer.
 His stage presence is matched only by his drive to make the next performance better. He has an unexplainable magnetism that draws crowds everywhere
 he goes and is evident even when just meeting him. He is the total package.
 Like many currently successful recording artists, Dimitri was inspired by such icons as Michael Jackson. He has learned the importance of being, not just a
 recording artist, but an overall true entertainer and has become a phenom in his own right. He has spent countless hours learning and developing routines to the point
 of crisp precision that makes a presentation that just has to be seen and is always worth the price of addmission. The legendary Vaughan Mason, best known for his
 million selling hit " Bounce, Rock, Skate Roll", chose to be Dimitri's manager for all these reasons. Dimitri has a versatile collection of pop and R&B
 songs guaranteed to rock the club, the radio and, combined with his visual performance, sold out venues across the world. So get on board and come along for the ride
 as Dimitri continues his rise.
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